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Kick It Walking

Kick It. Walking as the name suggests is about movement and walking. It is a small-sided, low-impact, modified version of the game, suitable for all levels of ability and fitness, from people who have previously played the traditional format to those who’ve never played before. 

It is low-impact, team-based exercise, utilising the defined ‘Walking Football Rules and Formats’ specifically non-contact. The program focuses on passing rather than speed/running.

Kick It. Walking has a great emphasis on the social benefits of sport and encourages all to participate in the alternative format of the game. With lots of laughs and fun, Kick It. Walking is a great activity for you and your friends to particpate in. 

Key features of Kick It. Walking include:

    1. Games are played across half a full field (approx)
    2. Offside rule does not apply. Kick It. Walking focuses on fun and enjoyment rather than the technical aspects of the game. 
    3. Seven players on at any time, and up to five reserves with unlimited substitutions.
    4. Kick It. Walking is restricted to over 55 age category. Exceptions can be made on an individual basis.
    5. Games are reduced in length focusing on enjoyment and social benefits of sport. 

What gear do I need to play Kick It Walking?

    • Depending on your Kick It Football Location, players may wear football boots, runners or moulded boots. Enclosed footwear is a must.
    • A water bottle for easy hydration.
    • A hat for those sunny days.

Your KICK IT WALKING venue will provide:

    • Goals and field markers
    • Player bibs if required
    • Balls
    • Referees